Assistance in claims to the TAR (Regional Administrative Court) and the Consiglio di Stato (Administrative Court of Appeal) in the following: public contracts and tenders, public companies, construction, urban planning and environment, cultural heritage. We also provide judicial assistance in the context of judgments relating to administrative sanctions, public competitions, electoral appeals and other matters relating to administrative law, including disputes before the Tribunali Regionali Acque Pubbliche and the Tribunale Superiore Acque Pubbliche, which rule in the field of public water. 

Assistance in civil cases at Tribunale, Corte d’Appello and Corte di Cassazione (First Instance Court, Court of Appeal, Court of Cassation) in judgments for reservations, breaches and/or contractual resolutions, application of penalties for compensation.

Assistance in judgments to the Corte dei Conti on accounting liability.

Technical advisory boards and Arbitration.