Public contracts and procurement

Public works, services, supplies, mixed contracts, concessions, Public-Private Partnerships, Project Financing.

Assistance to contracting authorities and support to the officer in charge for the procedure (“RUP”) on procedural choices, drafting of tender documents (calls for tenders, tender rules, invitation letters), drafting or revision of measures, participation in tender sessions, minutes of sessions, assistance in abnormally low tenders, drafting of contracts, assistance in stipulation. Access to documents, pre-litigation and litigation phase.

Advice to private companies, collaboration with tender offices for participation in procedures, drafting of applications and applications for admission, European template for declarations (DGUE), self-certifications, review of technical offers, drafting of justifications for the anomalous offer, verification of provisional and definitive bonds, assistance in the verification procedure of the abnormally low tender, assistance with stipulation of the contract. Drafting of articles of incorporation and agreements for temporary groupings of companies, network contracts, subcontracts. Access to documents, pre-litigation and litigation phase.

Concessions, Public-Private Partnership and Project Financing: assistance in the procedure for awarding public works concessions, in project finance operations and, in general, in public-private partnerships, both as regards the assistance phase of public or private operators in the preparation and management of procedures, and as regards litigation.

Sanctioning proceedings: assistance with A.N.A.C. (National Anti-Corruption Authority), support assistance for A.G.C.M. (Antitrust Authority)

Performance of contracts: advice on reserves, compensation, testing and assistance in the related litigation.