Public-private companies

Assistance in favor of public administrations in the procedures of privatization and/or sale of shareholdings and/or the set up of mixed public/private companies, with the simultaneous assignment of a service (so-called “dual purpose tenders”), offering support in the preparation of documents of tender (tender notices, tender rules) and corporate (amendments to company Bylaws; drafting of shareholders’ agreements), also in collaboration with leading firms specializing in commercial and corporate law.

Advice to private companies in participating in privatization procedures and/or sale of shareholdings and/or the establishment of mixed public/private companies called by public entities.

Assistance in favor of public companies in the resolution of issues connected with in-house providing and in the identification of the application areas of the provisions of the Testo Unico in materia di Società a Partecipazione Pubblica  (T.U.S.P.) also in light of the interpretative guidelines dictated on the matter by the Corte dei Conti, A.N.A.C. (National Anti-Corruption Authority), A.G.C.M. (Antitrust Authority) and by the Administrative Courts.