Antonella Borsero

Areas of activity:

  • public procurement
  • consulting with international clients
  • antitrust in the public procurement sector
  • proceedings before the Anti-Corruption Authority (A.N.A.C.)
  • administrative Courts (TAR and Consiglio di Stato) litigation

Antonella Borsero is a lawyer for several companies operating in the Italian public sector and deals with all matters concerning participation in tender procedures and related litigation. She has developed significant skills in the legal procurement of hospital supplies, facility management services and other highly technical services. She also provides advice to cultural institutions and museums in relation to tender procedures for the award of concession services.
She regularly assists her clients in appeals in relation to tender procedures and has gained extensive and consolidated experience in litigation with the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and the Administrative Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato).

Core experience and skills

She has been a member of the Turin Bar since 1999 and operates exclusively in the field of administrative law and public procurement.
Antonella worked with Allen & Overy from 2001 to 2004 and then set up this firm with colleagues, after a short period practicing law with Prof. Marino Bin.

She collaborates on a regular basis with the tender offices of numerous companies, including multinationals, in the daily management of problems related to participation in tender procedures. In recent years she has mainly dealt with hospital supplies and service contracts (facility management, cleaning, helicopter rescue, professional laundry services etc). As part of these consultancies, she provides support in the drafting of declarations, offers, reliance contract, explanations for abnormally low tenders, deeds and regulations of temporary business groupings and subcontracts, as well as issues relating to problems with the performance of contracts.

She also assists construction companies in tendering procedures for works contracts, concessions and project financing.

Antonella is a consultant for public bodies and cultural institutions during the procedures for the awarding of concessions for museum services, and collaborates in the drafting of tenders, regulations and tender specifications, as well as providing assistance to the RUP for the entire tender procedure, with participation in tender sessions and the drafting of minutes, deeds and provisions (e.g., exclusions and awards).

Antonella has developed substantial experience in assisting Italian companies engaged in public tenders abroad, including non-European countries, and with international companies engaged in Italian tenders, as well as in the negotiation and drafting of contracts for contracts and subcontracts for design work or services abroad. She has assisted an international project management company in relation to works contracts to be carried out in Italy and Italian construction companies in the negotiation of works contracts, subcontracts and service contracts to be carried out in Italy for international clients and with associated issues in the execution of these projects. 

She attended seminars organized by the F.I.D.I.C. (International Federation of Consulting Engineering) and has experience in international contracts on the F.I.D.I.C. Yellow Book.

Antonella collaborates in due diligence operations with reference to the administrative law sector, public tenders and contracts, administrative litigation for the sale of companies or company branches operating in the public market and provides advice on takeover in the execution of public contracts.

She has been entitled to practise before the High Court (Corte di Cassazione) since 2012 and regularly provides assistance in appeals to the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and the Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato) relating to tenders, in which she has gained many years of experience.

Antonella has experience in sanctions proceedings before the Anticorruption Authority (A.N.A.C.) and the Competition Authority (A.G.C.M.).

She is fluent in English and has a good knowledge of the French language.


  • Co-author of the comment on art. 95 of Legislative Decree. 50/16 of the Commentary on Code of Contracts, Wolters Kluwer, ed. 2021 with Andrea Cermele (forthcoming)
  • Author of the article “Cancellation of direct assignment after two years: the public interest prevails in restoring legality and removing an excessively onerous contract”,
  • Comment on the Piedmont Regional Administrative Court ruling, section I, 12 September 2016, n. 1139 published by Italia Appalti 2016
  • Contributor of “Benchmarking Public Procurement 2016 – Assessing public procurement systems in 77 economies”.
  • Co-author of “Public Procurement in Italy, A Guide to Best Practice, Globe Law and Business, Globe Business Publishing Ltd, 2009” with Carlo Merani
  • Co-author of “Construction – Italy in Getting the Deal Through 2008” with Carlo Merani
  • Co-author of “Public Procurement in Italy, A Guide to Best Practice” Globe Law and Business, Globe Business Publishing Ltd, 2009 ” with Carlo Merani