Claudia Cicchetti

Areas of activity:

  • public and private procurement contracts
  • tender procedures
  • reclamation consortia 
  • building and urban planning
  • public health
  • Anticorruption (A.N.A.C.) procedures
  • Administrative Court (TAR) and Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato) litigation
  • Civil litigation, the Water Court and the Court of Auditors
  • Mediation and assisted negotiation

Claudia Maria Cicchetti is the lawyer for several companies who build and manage public infrastructure and deals with issues mainly concerning the stipulation and execution of contracts and handling the related litigation. In particular, she has developed significant skills in litigation concerning the execution phase of public procurement contracts. She also provides advice on contracts to private companies and assists public bodies and land reclamation consortia.
She regularly assists her clients in disputes before the Civil and Administrative Courts.

Core experience and skills

Claudia has been enrolled in the Turin Bar Association since January 2009. She was awarded the prize in memory of lawyer Sonia Bergese by the Council of the Turin Bar Association and the “Golden Toga” for having delivered one of the best submissions to the bar exam in the 2007-2008 session.

From 2005 to 2018 she worked for the Vittorio Barosio legal firm in Turin and has join Merani Amministrativisti in May 2018.

She collaborates on a regular basis with public and private companies in the management of issues related to the performance of contracts. In recent years mainly dealing with public infrastructures. As part of these consultancies, she provides support in drafting contracts, declarations, reservations, resolutions, communications, variations, revisions, amicable agreements and, in general, all documents and deeds relating to the conduct of the contractual relationship until its conclusion. She subsequently defends the customer in any subsequent litigation phase.

He assists various public bodies, always in the field of contracts, and reclamation consortia and has experience in assisting health organizations and, in general, in public health matters. Claudia also deals with construction and urban planning, civil law (contracts and property rights) and public officers’ liability.

She has gained experience in debt recovery procedures, as well as in mediation and assisted negotiation procedures.

Claudia has been entitled to practise before the High Court (Cassazione) since 2021 and regularly provides assistance in appeals to the Regional Administrative Coourt (TAR) TAR and Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato).

She has a sound working knowledge of English.