Raffaella Di Tolve

Areas of activity:

  • local authorities
  • companies and entities with public participation
  • urban planning and construction
  • commercial authorisations
  • universities and public employment
  • transparency and prevention of corruption
  • anti-mafia
  • Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato)

Raffaella Di Tolve deals with all issues relating to the prevention of corruption and transparency for publicly owned entities and companies. She has also developed skills in anti-mafia issues. She deals as well with construction and urban planning as a consultant and in assisting individuals and public bodies. She also takes care of matters relating to public exams.

Rafaella regularly assists clients also in litigation and in particular before the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and Court of Appeal (Consiglio di Stato)

Core experience and skills

Raffaella Di Tolve has worked in the sectors of administrative law as well as in civil law, gaining experience in both out-of-court consultancy and litigation. After lengthy experience with the law firm of Prof. Dal Piaz, Raffaella has been collaborating with the firm since 2015.

Over the years she has gained knowledge and consolidated experience in various areas of administrative law, ranging from urban planning and construction to public concessions and commercial authorisations, from the protection of environmental and cultural assets, in schools, universities and competitions and public employment.

She has followed disputes concerning public employment for some years, both before the Administrative Court  and after the privatization of public employment relationships before the Civil Court. In the area of ​​administrative jurisdiction, she has acquired specific experience on issues relating to public competitions.

Her litigation and consultancy activities are aimed at both private and public entities. She also permanently provides consultancy in favour of entities and companies controlled or invested in by public entities, for the various management aspects connected to their particular nature as subjects with public participation.

Rafaella deals with issues related to the prevention of corruption and transparency and to those relating to the non-transferability and incompatibility of offices involving public bodies and controlled entities and public participations.

Enrolled in the Register since 1998, she has been entitled to practice before the High Court (Cassazione) since 2015.

She has a sound working knowledge of English and French.