Who we are

Merani Amministrativisti is a law firm which operates exclusively in administrative law, with a specific focus on public contracts.

With offices in both Turin and Milan, we are 14 professionals united by a collective passion for a specialised subject which underpins many of the major issues in society today: the economy, competition, the green transition, sustainable architecture, our cultural heritage, management of public resources, the role of political institutions and judicial functions. 

Working in these fields means we are engaged in topical issues of legal and cultural interest. We pride ourselves on our contemporary approach, paying the utmost attention to the needs of the client and providing a concrete, informed and useful service.

Our shared values inform what we do: simplicity in relationships, transparency in communications and clarity around economic conditions.

Our services include, in addition to the usual legal activities, free training on new regulations (meetings, webinars, slides) as well as bespoke training for individuals or small groups. We also carry out due diligence activities in the areas of our competence (public and procurement contracts, tenders, regulatory, urban planning, construction and environment, cultural heritage law and litigation in these matters).